Having Trouble Creating Your Customer Avatar? Is it Any Wonder…

Having Trouble Creating Your Customer Avatar? Is it Any Wonder…

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business. So you’ve been trying to find your customer avatar for weeks or months, but you just can’t seem to work it out.

So what’s wrong with you, why don’t you get this, why is it so hard? When you think you have it, why does it feel really uncomfortable in your skin and you feel compelled to start the search all over again? The answer is really very simple; 1) because your authentic tribe can’t be contained by the modern avatar & 2) because it distracts you from your deepest voice and work…


Finding Your Voice

You’re told to find your customer avatar so that you can post content for them, speak in a voice that suits them and run workshops that they would like. The problem is all this comes from the outside in, not the inside out. It is a response to outer opinion or presumption, not inner wisdom. Anchor your work in your audience and you’re going to end up in big trouble, because they are going to lead you around by the nose, and you’re going to end up in a much less juicy paddock. And then they’ll leave you there, and head off to the green pastures of the heart centered innovators, while you stand there hands up in the air yelling ‘but I thought this was what you wanted!’

Chances are we have all spent time in our formative years telling people what we thought they wanted to hear and giving them what we thought they wanted, and we all know how that ends don’t we? So rather than formulate your content on an avatar, what if you just spoke richly from the depths of your soul? Will anyone be able to find you? I can guarantee you your tribe will come banging on the door after your authentic work, and shift away from anything less. A solid core creates loyal customers, great advocates for your business and a powerful brand.


This is about you

You are absolutely here to serve people, but more importantly you are here to express yourself to the full edges of your being. How are you going to fulfill your dharma or purpose if you don’t know what that is, or if you are consistently asking others how they would like you to speak, act or perform? What if instead of chasing an shifting illusion, you explored your centre of gravity? What if you stood firmly planted like a lighthouse and radiated out your most powerful work from the depths of your being? And what if that light just so happened to direct people to safe shores? The truth is your work needs to feed and fill your own soul first. It needs to get you excited and energised and full of passion to burn.

What if you created a breathtaking content mix that said over and over again this is who I am, this is who I am, this is who I am. Scary hey? And that’s just the point. This is supposed to be scary and exciting, not stressful and misaligned. What if you used all that time spent working on your customer avatar in deep meditation instead; exploring who you are, what you represent and how you are going to take one powerful message out into the world? What if you took that time to produce beautiful, innovative programs around your deepest work? Feeling butterflies yet? What if your muscles, bones and cells were vibrating with the truth of who you are and you were living and breathing that from every pore? Close your eyes and really take a moment to feel that in the body and see what happens. Utterly aligned body, mind and spirit, without that nagging feeling something is missing or wrong.


From your clients’ perspective

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be thought of as an avatar. Its insulting and it’s everything we recoil from with big companies. A presumption on who I am, what I need and how you’re going to give it to me. I want the right to choose someone’s work or artistry. I want to know what you believe, what experiences led you to that place, what dedicated daily practices you follow. I want to know why you are dedicated to your work and what you have to say. Open, honest and unedited truths that pour from your heart and soul. Ever got really excited to read a blog or attend a webinar with a fantastic topic, and then felt a bit well…er let down at the end? Feel like even though there’s lots of information, opinion and conversations out there, no one’s really saying anything different or deep?

When you deliver from the space of the eternal, you spark awakenings, openings, thoughtful conversations, illuminations, a veritable explosion of connections that can’t help but take the listener to another level. Material that comes from the mental realm is by its very nature contracting and limited. Your audience is a rich and complex sample of a rich and complex race. You will never be able to qualify or quantify what they need at any given moment, so why bother? Show your audience the courtesy and respect they deserve by trusting that they will be able to take their own wisdom away from your offerings, without trying to control or manipulate the outcomes in any way. Don’t ever think of what people need to hear, think about what you have to share. Send it out there with all the courage and determination you can muster and let your audience find their own gold within it.


Remember the Magic

Let the universe do some work for you. Allow your growth to be organic. Take it back to the spirit and follow the life lessons you have learned. You must translate your personal growth and understanding into your business too, there’s no need to regress. And just because everyone out there is doing it, or saying it’s essential doesn’t make it right. You need to be prepared to buck conventions wherever it interferes with the role of your calling. Set intentions instead; invite those people you would love to work with energetically by calling in the qualities you admire. All my clients are courageous, committed and passionate about their work. They follow through, they speak, act and grow with soul in mind. They follow only their deepest work and leave the rest behind. They are committed to their body, mind and spirit. They’re not perfect, they know it and they’re proud of it because they keep trying anyway. They dig deep, are happy to walk the path less travelled and create programs that shake their clients to the bones. And that is what its all about.

And just in case you’re wondering I didn’t write this in a voice I think my audience would like to hear, nor for an avatar. I wrote it from a deep calling in my soul, as part of my purpose to awaken wellbeing practitioners to their deepest work. Some people will love this (that’s my tribe right there) and some people won’t, which is totally okay, because I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is someone else out there speaking from a deep place who will resonate with them. And I am happy to have spoken my truth without editing or constraint. So take the dare, step out of what you think people are waiting on and give us your best work. I for one, want to hear it…

And if you’ve enjoyed this blog or think it could help someone being driven to distraction in their avatar quest, please go ahead and share it!


Love and blessings on you and your business xx


About the Author:

Ginny West provides business consultations, workshops and retreats around Australia on creating heartfelt success for Wellbeing practitioners. To find out more about Spirit in Business or to contact Ginny West call 0413 596 784 or follow these links:





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