See how IICT has helped these members


Tony Reilly wrote...

“Before joining the IICT I found it impossible to be recognised by any professional body for my specialist modality, Past Life Regression. As a therapist I required past life regression to be recognised as a legitimate complimentary therapy. Nothing worked and there was no body who would insure any therapist for Past Life Regression. That was until I began working with the amazing team at IICT. They worked long and hard to make available insurance and to have it recognized a legitimate therapy.

When I started the Toni Reilly Institute a school teaching modern spiritual development and intuitive courses and therapies, it was a fundamental requirement to firstly accredit the unique new courses which I developed. When I went on to pioneer my own modality, SoulLife™ Psychology, a specialised diploma course for holistic therapists it to had to be accredited and recognised. The IICT solved my problem with ease and now my training is recognised internationally, supporting me, my students and graduates all around the world.

The IICT offers all students and graduates of the Toni Reilly Institute the opportunity to become a recognised member of a professional body, which supports them to practice their holistic therapies with confidence, safely and ethically, bringing professionalism to their therapeutic practice.

Thank you IICT, I could not have come this far without your invaluable support.” - Toni Reilly. Director, Toni Reilly Institute


Sheridan Buchanan wrote...

I originally became a member of IICT as I wanted to ensure I had the credibility of a recognised Association in my role as a Holistic Health Coach. IICT also assisted with insurance cover which was important to me in both my online and face to face work, and ensuring I had the correct cover.I looked at many other associations and insurance companies but none of the offered the support, guidance and professionalism that IICT gave me. We then developed a strong relationship with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition to provide the same support to our student and graduates worldwide. This has been a beneficial relationship with our alumni having the help they need when setting up their business, and the continued support of IICT - Sheridan Buchanan. Integrative Nutrition


Artemis wrote...

“In the year 2000, I learned a beautiful essential oil technique called Raindrop Technique®, and integrated it into my private practice, as well as teaching it. Then in 2006, after seeing how many people loved learning and receiving this technique, a colleague and I talked about the option of raising the profile of Raindrop Technique®, by having it recognized in Australia as a modality. After many enquiries, we were led to IICT, and had the pleasure of talking to Lawrence Ellyard, IICT’s director. Lawrence was incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout the process, so we could see a way forward. I promptly set to work developing and submitting our course curriculum.

For us, the greatest value in this partnership has been access to professional indemnity and public liability insurance, not only for our training college, but also for our students and our graduates. However, there have been may times when questions have arisen, and I’ve turned to IICT for support. I have always been treated as a valued member of the IICT community, and am eternally grateful to Lawrence and his staff for the wonderful customer service and dedication they show to organisations, like ours, who practice complementary techniques.” - Artemis. Director Raindrop Australia.


Dr Tony wrote...

“As a maverick doctor no longer in the folds of mainstream medicine, I was presented with many personal and professional challenges. One of these was to convey my knowledge and experience into an educational format that was not governed by oppressive institutions, with their often undue regulations of accreditation and registration. Another was to find an organisation that could reflect these interests and provide a level of both personal and professional support for both myself and clients.

Initially I decided to just “go it alone”, even though this would be problematic, as I did not discover any support that satisfied by ideals and ambitions. Then I was recommended to IICT and found that they satisfied all of the difficulties I had anticipated, and met in the development of my new professional and educational profile. Problem solved. Many thanks to IICT. I trust they continue the good work and they have my support in this process.” - Tony Taylor MD, MA. Holistic Health Group.


Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony wrote...

“Before joining IICT it was challenging to find a reputable insurer for my business. Joining IICT enabled me to obtain reasonably priced insurance and the process was easy and efficient. IICT continue to provide exceptional service and support and I have no hesitation in referring my own Thetahealing graduates as I know I can trust them to provide a service to my clients that is professional, reliable and efficient.” - Mark Anthony. Co-Creation Thetahealing, Australian Thetahealing Representative.


Leanne Cooper

Leanne Cooper wrote...

“As a private education provider we see many advantages to industry recognition. While we have opted way from being a registered training organisation (and even if we were) incorporating industry-based recognition is important to the quality aspect of our training in many ways including, the portability of qualifications and insurance globally, our students can take their qualifications with them where ever they go; the inclusive nature around the qualifications we design that are approved by IICT, that is we can provide quality programs that appeal to a diverse range of the community; flexibility in the design and implementation of the program so we can create programs that go beyond mere 'box ticking'. After all, if we create a program that lacks quality and educational standards the market will tell us, flexible regulation for us has been a driver for quality; reflecting the actual experience of the industry and it's education and training needs.

So many vocational programs are constrained by theoretical standards, they can lack a reflection of the realities of what is happening in industry; providing more scope to be creative with pedagogy; we are able to offer various layers of learning and unique ways of assessing understanding without being constrained by theoretical constraints. Joining IICT has provided not only Cadence Health with improved scope around the delivery of quality programs, but also meant our students have benefited from flexible, relevant, quality training.” - Leeanne Cooper. Director of Cadence Health.